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  • 3D玻璃热弯成型智能制造系统


Based on the advanced design concept & technology oriented from semiconductor field, OKSWAN Sino-foreign experts successfully developed the innovative Smart 3D Hot Forming machine and smart production system which is totally different to the traditional Semi-auto 3D Hot forming process technology. OKSWAN 3D Glass Hot Forming Smart Production Technology not only can realize the full automation of machine itself, but also can realize the full automation of the whole workshop/factory(non-operator) by the aid of OKSWAN patented “HFERS” technology. It amazingly improves at least double production capacity & efficient, also it can cut 95% labor cost while save at least huge running costs. OKSWAN 3D Hot Forming Smart Production Technology is the revolutionary technology in this industry and OKSWAN is absolutely the Pioneer and the Setter of the industry technology standard. 


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