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金刚线多线切割设备/ 3D硅片切割技术

  • 金刚线多线切割设备/ 3D硅片切割技术

3D太阳能硅片切割之金刚线多线线锯,是赛万玉山中外技术专家团队历时4年,呕心沥血开发出来的全球首创最顶尖之太阳能硅片切割设备。赛万玉山拥有完整自主知识产权和专利技术,该设备突破了传统硅片2D多线切割的技术框架和模式,采用独创性的设计与复杂算法,实现了以最简洁、高效和低投入的方式来获得专利技术3D结构太阳能硅片,采用该设备切割而成的3D结构硅片制成的高效太阳能组件能增加50% 以上光吸收表面积,其3维波浪形结构能使光线在沟槽中来回多次反射,减少光逃逸并大幅增加光的吸收效率,从而实现光电转换效率突破25%以上。是最具革命性的高效太阳能发电技术解决方案之一。

OKSWAN 3D Solar wafer Multi Diamond-Wire Saw, is an innovated product developed by OKSWAN international expert team by the aid of over 4 years’ hard efforts. It is totally different to the traditional 2D solar wafer wire saw, it adopts the unique design and complicated math program, finally reach the target to cut the 3D solar wafer which OKSWAN holds many patents on this technology. With the unique 3D solar wafer cut by OKSWAN 3D wire saw, it can make the 3D solar cell & Modules which can increase 50% over sun-light absorption surface, while also increase the times of sun-light’s repeatable reflections in the patented 3D structure grooves. It can reduce the sun-light’s escape and increase dramatically the absorption of the sun-light. Based on these principles, the photoelectric transformation efficiency can be realized even over 25%, it shall be a revolutionary technology & solution for the ultra-efficiency solar power.


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